Prof. Alain Goossens

VIB, Center for Plant Systems Biology (Ghent, Belgium)

The invited Speaker is a world expert in jasmonate, a plant hormone regulating the elusive balance between growth and defences, which includes production of bioactive specialized metabolites.

Plants produce an overwhelming variety of metabolites, some with biological activities of high interest to human. Goossens’ lab aims to identify the essential components acting in the jasmonate signalling network and to characterize the molecular mechanisms driving plant natural product biosynthesis in crop, medicinal and model plants.

Programa XVI Congreso Fitohormonas.
Segovia, 2023

Registro y recogida de documentación a partir de la s 13.30 h.

Miércoles, 19 de abril

14:40-15:00 h. Apertura.
Alainn Groossens (VIB) (Belgium).
Molecular interactions in the jasmonate-mediated regulation of plant specialized metabolism.

16:00-16:20 h. José Manuel Franco-Zorrilla, CNB (Madrid).
Transcriptional regulation in plants in a changing world.
16:20-16:40 h. José Manuel, Pérez-Pérez, UMH (Elche).
Exploring natural variation to identify new regulators of tissue regeneration in tomato.

16:40-17:30 h. — Coffee break + i-poster session —

17:30-17:50 h. Juan Carlos del Pozo, CBGP (Madrid).
BiAux, an allosteric modulator of auxin co-receptors, regulates lateral root formation.
17:50-18:10 h. Gema Castillo-García, CNB (Madrid).
The TCP transcription factor BRANCHED1 not only promotes ABA biosynthesis in axillary buds but also increases its responsiveness.
18:10-18,30 h. Antonio Serrano-Mislata, IBMCP (Valencia).
Regulation of gibberellin homeostasis at the shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis.
18:30-18,50 h. María Jesús, López-Martín, IBMCP (Valencia).
Seed-derived signals trigger the end of flowering in tomato.

19:30-21:00 h. VISITA GUIADA por el casco antiguo de Segovia, terminando al inicio del Acueducto, cerca del Hotel San Antonio el Real.

21:15-22:15 h. Coctel de bienvenida en el Hotel San Antonio el Real

Jueves, 20 de Abril

Isabel Diaz CBGP (Madrid).
Small pieces complete a plant defense puzzle against spider mites modulated by hormones.

10:00-10:20 h. Pedro L. Rodríguez, IBMCP (Valencia).
Sending out an ABATAR for ABA signaling in crops.
10:20-10:40 h. Óscar Lorenzo, CIALE (Salamanca).
The gasotransmitters Ethylene and Nitric oxide: sensing and signalling during hypoxic stress in Arabidopsis.
10:40-11:00 h. Mikel Urdin-Bravo, IBMCP (Valencia).
Volatiles released in response to proximity shade function as long-distance growth regulators.
11:00-11:20 h. Vicente Vives-Peris, Universidad Jaume I (Castellón).
Importance of the grafted scion in the responses of citrus to salt stress.

11:20-12:30 h. — Coffee break + i-poster session —

12.30-12:50 h. Luis Oñate-Sánchez, CBGP (Madrid).
A novel membrane-associated signalling mechanism modulates growth control under carbon/nitrogen unbalance via DELLA protein stability.
12.50-13:10 h. Joan Manel López-Tubau, CRAG (Barcelona).
Impaired steryl ester biosynthesis in tomato leads to an early seed germination phenotype.
13:10-13:30 h. Javier Agustí, IBMCP (Valencia).
PIN3 regulates the weight-induced radial growth in plants.

13:30-15:00 h. — Lunch at Convento de Mínimos —

15:00-15:20  h. M. Mar Castellano, CBGP (Madrid).
HOP co-chaperones play a main in the stabilization of E3 ubiquitin ligases involved in phytohormonal signaling.
15.20-15:40  h. José Ángel Martín Rodríguez, CEBAS (Murcia).
Low root-ethylene production alters leaf hormonal balance and gene expression alleviating salt stress in tomato.
15.40-16:00  h. Julio Salguero, Universidad de Extremadura (Badajoz).
Abscisic acid inhibits lateral root initiation on maize root system.
16:00-16:20  h. Andrea Chini, CNB (Madrid).
Evolution of the jasmonate ligands and their biosynthetic pathways.

16:20-17:10  h. — Coffee break + i-poster session —

17:10-17:30  h. María A. Nohales, IBMCP (Valencia).
Circadian regulation of jasmonic acid signaling by the core clock component GIGANTEA.
17:30-17:50  h. Purificación A. Martínez-Melgarejo, CEBAS (Murcia).
Abscisic acid interacts with auxin metabolism in shaping the root system architecture under nutrient deficiency in tomato.
17:50-18:10  h. Javier Lidoy, EEZ (Granada).
Ethylene signaling is essential for mycorrhiza-induced resistance against chewing herbivores in tomato.
18:10-18.30  h. Adrián González Ortega-Villaizán, CBGP (Madrid).
A novel mechanism controlling auxin dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana roots infected by Serendipita indica.

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Viernes 21 de Abril

Miguel Blázquez, IBMCP (Valencia).
The multiplicity of functions of gibberellins: an evolutionary tale.

10:30-10:50  h. Lidia Soto Pascual, Universidad Jaume I (Castellón).
The impact of multifactorial stress combination on tomato phytohormone content and signaling.
10:50-11:10  h. Krzysztof Wabnik, CBGP (Madrid).
Auxin beyond plants: control of eukaryotic communities through auxin rhythms.
11:10-11:30  h. Ana Páez-García, CBGP (Madrid).
A novel Arabidopsis ABC transporter regulates oscillating periodic auxin response in roots.

11:30-12:20  h. — Coffee break + i-poster session —

12.20-12:40  h. Javier Brumos, IBMCP (Valencia).
Translation regulation during fruit ripening.
12:40-13:00  h. Irene Rosa-Diaz, CBGP (Madrid).
Stomata: a weakness in the defence against T. urticae that ABA can overcome.
13.00-13:20  h. Jorge Vicente, CNB (Madrid).
The N-degron pathways modulate the plant immune response.

13:20-14:00  h. CIERRE DEL SIMPOSIO: conclusiones y anuncio de la próxima reunión.

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